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Siren - Exfoliating Sea Moss Mask Powder - Holistic, Organic & All-Natural

Siren - Exfoliating Sea Moss Mask Powder - Holistic, Organic & All-Natural

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Siren - Exfoliating Sea Moss Mask Powder-The perfect mix of Irish Sea Moss, Celtic Sea Salt, Colloidal Oats, Spearmint, Lime & Lavender.

How to Use: Double Wash & Rinse face. In a separate small container, take 1 Tsp from package & mix w/ 3+ Tbsp of Water or Green Tea - Mix thoroughly to reach a thin puree consistency & refrigerate for 5-10 mins. Remove from fridge and transfer onto your face with your hands, gently moving in a circular motion for extra exfoliation. Leave on face for 5-10 mins. Rinse thoroughly and follow with 'Glow' & 'Renew'.

50ml Makes 8-10 masks

*Wild Irish Sea Moss-Vit. A (retinal), K, D, F, Collagen Building, Anti-inflammatory, Sebum Balancing, Soothing, Trace Minerals, Antioxidants. *Celtic Sea Salt-Magnesium, Zinc, Exfoliating. *Colloidal Oats-Vit. E, Zinc, Selenium, Copper, Anti-inflammatory. *Hibiscus-Vit. A (retinal) & Anti-inflammatory. *Spearmint-Cooling & Moisturizing. *Lavender *Lime-Pigment Balancing, Improves Elasticity & New skin growth.

All of our ingredients are all 100% organic, non-toxic & all natural. Healthy is a lifestyle & we're committed to using only the best and most sustainable, natural ingredients so you can enjoy your life to the fullest. We stand by our products, to help our customers make healthy life decisions that will have an impact for years to come.

No Parabens, Sulfates or Petroleum
Free-From Soy & Palm Oil
Eco-Friendly & Sustainable - even our labels are vegan
Zero Synthetic or Toxic Preservatives
Made for All Skin types & Ages

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