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Purity & Quality
From skincare to herbal supplements, our products are designed to nurture the body holistically; they are all crafted with only organic, all-natural & non-toxic ingredients. We steer clear of fillers, palm oils, SLS, and other unwanted additives, ensuring a pure, bio-dynamic, and holistic product line. Our products harness the potent powers of nature, ensuring your customers get the purest and most effective formulations. Oh ya, and we make them all with grá (love)!

Sustainability Commitment
We prioritize the environment with 100% recyclable packaging, vegan, compostable, and removable labels to encourage the reuse or recycling of our cool bottles and jars.

Impressive Financials
Luxury products at consumer-friendly prices with gross margins of 54.57% on average for our partners – a profitable proposition for your business.

Marketing & Education
We don’t just supply; we educate. Our team can train your staff to become product gurus. We provide robust marketing support to ensure our partners are set for success.

Profitable Proposition
The global wellness industry is booming, projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.9% through 2024 & with a significant 70% of consumers preferring natural over synthetic skincare, wellness & herbal supplements in 2023 - The global wellness and skincare markets are booming, with a projected growth that’s hard to overlook – perfect for boosting your store's offerings and profits.

Non-Comedogenic Skincare
Our skincare products love every skin type and won’t clog pores. Promise!

Customized Wellness
Our herbal supplements are filler-free and cater to a variety of wellness needs, ensuring your customers feel their best.

Free Testers
Benefit from free testers with any order exceeding five units to ensure your customers can try before they buy, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

No minimum order requirements + pay in full at the time of ordering, pay 50% upfront, or pay 100% within 30 days of placing your order.

Swift delivery within 5-10 business days from date of order.

Here, you’ll find our detailed Wholesale Sheet, and here’s a direct link to our Wholesale Order Form! We make ordering as simple as clicking a button!